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September 27 class

Welcome new dancers to the Ardbrae introductory class.

The class will run from 7:30-9:30 at the Glashan Public School, 28 Arlington Avenue. Use the entrance in the south east corner of the school.

Tonight we will cover the following dances
The “Atholl” Reel
A 32 bar reel for 2 couples
John Trew, LAD

1-4     1st man and 2nd woman advance toward each other (2 steps) and retire (2 steps).
5-8    1st woman and 2nd man advance toward each other (2 steps) and retire (2 steps).
9-16    1st and 2nd couples dance clockwise round in a square formation (2 bars to each side)
17-24    1st couple followed by 2nd couple lead down the middle and 2nd couple lead up to finish 2nd couple in 1st place and 1st couple in 2nd place
25-32    2nd and 1st couples dance rights and lefts

The Glen       
(32 J 2C), Susie Langdon Kass, Let’s All Dance,
1 – 8    1C & 2C dance RH across & LH across back to place
9 – 16    1C & 2C turn partners RH then LH
17 – 24    1C lead down middle & up to 2nd place (2C step up on 17-18)
25 – 32    2C & 1C dance 4-H round and back.

(J4x32)  4C Set     R Goldring  Scotia Suite
 1- 8    1s+2s cross RH, cast down 2 places, cross RH & cast up to places
 9-16    3s+4s cross RH, cast up 2 places, cross RH & cast back to places
17-24    1s+4s Adv+Ret (diagonally), 1s cast bottom as others step up
25-32    All circle 8H round & back

Hope to see you out tonight