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Dances for September 24, 2012

We are looking forward to starting another class of people new to Scottish Country Dancing. I will try to post the dance instructions for the class here before the class. I may also post links to dancing videos available on the internet.

Video: The Highland Fair

The Highland Fair
RSCDS Graded Book
32 bar Jig for 2 couples

1 – 8    First couple cast off and dance down behind own line for 4 skip change of step, turn outwards and dance four steps back to place.

9 – 16    First and second couples turn partner with right hand and return to place – 4 skip change of step, then repeat, giving left hand.

17 – 24    First couple, followed by second couple, lead down the middle for 4 skip change of step. Second couple, followed by first couple, lead up the middle to finish second couple at top and first couple in second place.  (Figs. 1 and 2.)

25 – 32    First and second couples dance right and left.
Repeat, having passed a couple.

Video: A Wee Nothin’ 
The dance starts about 1:15 of the video

A Wee Nothin’
32 Bar jig for 2 couples

1 – 8    1st and 2nd couples dance Right Hands across and Left Hands back to place.

9 – 14    1st Lady followed by the 2nd Lady dance across the top of the set, behind the men’s line, 1st Lady dances below the 2nd man, and 2nd Lady dances between the two men, and across to their own side, both pull LEFT shoulders back.

15 – 16    1st and 2nd ladies join hands and Set.  (Men do not set back)

17 – 22    1st Man followed by the 2nd Man dance across the top of the set, behind the ladies’ line, 1st Man dances below the 2nd lady’s position, 2nd Man dances between the two ladies, and across to their own side, both pull RIGHT shoulders back.

23 – 24    1st and 2nd Men join hands and Set.  (Ladies do not set back)

25 – 32    2nd and 1st couples dance Rights and Lefts.

Ceilidh Madness
32 Bar Reel fo 4 couples
by Sarah Harriman, Austin, Texas & Headquarters
Let’s All Dance, Too, 1997

1 – 8    1st woman, followed by 2nd and 3rd women, dance across the set, down behind 1st, 2nd and 3rd men, across to the women’s side and return to places.

9 – 16    Men repeat around the women, 1st man leading.

17 – 20    With both hands joined, 1st couple slip down  and back to the top.

21 – 24    1st couple cast off to 4th place.  2nd, 3rd and 4th couples step up on bars 7-8 of the phrase.

25 – 32    All circle 8 hands round and back.

Repeat from new places.