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Dances for August 10, 2017 – Last Class

Video: The Ribblesdale Strathspey

The Ribblesdale Strathepey
A 32-bar strathspey for a 3-couple set
Tune: The Ribblesdale Strathspey

1 – 12 The 1st, 2nd & 3rd couples dance rights and lefts for three couples.

13 The 1st couple start mirror setting movement down the set, the man going to his right and the lady to her left, advancing to finish with both hands joined.

14 The 1st couple finish mirror setting movement, moving back up the set and releasing the top hands.

15 – 16 The 1st couple cast into 2nd place, the man leading with his right foot and the lady leading with her left foot as the joined hands are brought through the middle before releasing. 2nd couple step up.

17 – 24 The 2nd and 1st couples dance a poussette right round.

25 – 32 The 1st couple dance a figure of 8 round the 2nd couple, momentarily giving left hands on the first crossing and right hands on the second crossing. The 3rd couple step up on the last 2 bars as the 1st couple dance into 3rd place.

Repeat with a new leading couple.

Jeff Middleton composed the dance this dance for the Ribble Valley Branch in recognition of the continuing success of the Branch, 16 October 2008.



Lady Jayne of Castle Glen
A 32 bar reel for three couples in a four couple set

Craig Williams, February 2017

1 – 8 1st couple dance down the middle and cast up around third couple. They meet above third couple and dance up to the top and cast off to face 1st corners, 2nd couple step up on bars 7 & 8.

9-12 1st couple dance first four bars of set to corners and partner, finishing back to back in the middle in second place.

13-16 1st couple dance half reels of three on the sides, passing 1st corner by the right to begin. 1st couple pass by the left to finish facing 2nd corner position.

17-20 1st couple dance first four bars of set to corners and partner, finishing back to back in the middle in second place, man facing up, woman facing down.

21-24 1st couple dance half reels of three across the set, giving right shoulder to the person in second corner position to begin. 1st couple finish in 2nd place on opposite sides.

25-28 All three couples chase halfway clockwise.

29-32 All three couples turn partner once round with right hand.