Dances for March 27, 2023

Video: The Scallywag

The Scallywag
RSCDS Book 51
40-bar jig for three couples in a four-couple longwise set

1 – 4 1st couple dance in towards each other almost to touch shoulders and cast off one place. 2nd couple step up on bars 3 – 4.

5 – 8 1st couple, giving left hands, turn one and a quarter times to face first corners.

9 – 12 1st couple set to first corners and, giving right hands, turn to finish 1st woman facing 2nd woman and 1st man facing 3rd man.

13 – 16 All dance half reels of three across the set, passing left shoulders to begin and finishing in lines of three facing up and down the set.

17 – 20 Taking hands, all advance and retire.

21 – 24 1st couple dance round each other by the right shoulder to finish facing third corners (second corner person in partner’s first corner position).

25 – 32 Repeat bars 9 – 16 from new positions. 2nd and 3rd couples finish the half reels of three on own sides facing in, while 1st couple finish facing each other up and down the set.

33 – 34 1st couple set advancing and take right hands.

35 – 36 1st woman turns under her partner’s right arm while setting (pulling back her right shoulder) as 1st man sets moving slightly towards the women’s side. They finish side by side in the middle of the set, facing up, 1st woman on her partner’s left, retaining right hands.

37 – 40 1st couple lead up, cross over above 2nd couple, and cast off to second place on own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

On the last two bars of the second time through, 1st coup1e cast to the bottom of the set.

Devised by Jennifer P Kelly, RSCDS San Francisco Branch, February 1997.
An appropriately flirtatious dance devised to honour Mikkel Thompson on reaching his half century.

Video: MacDonald of Keppoch

MacDonald of Keppoch
RSCDS Book 49
Medley of 2 x 32 -bar strathspey and 2 x 32-bar reel
for four couples in a square set

1 – 6 1st and 3rd couples dance the first six bars of rights and lefts, men dancing a polite turn on bar 6, to finish in the middle of the set, back to back with partner, facing the side couples (1st woman facing 2nd woman, 1st man facing 4th man, 3rd woman facing 4th woman, and 3rd man facing 2nd man).

7 – 8 All set.

9 – 16 1st couple with 2nd woman and 4th man, 3rd couple with 2nd man and 4th woman dance reels of four across the set. 1st and 3rd couples finish in a line up and down the middle of the set, women facing each other in the middle (Fig.).

17 – 24 1st and 3rd couples dance a reel of four. 1st and 3rd women pass by the right to begin; all pass by the left at the ends, by the right in the middle and finish in original places facing partner.

25 – 26 All set.

27 – 30 All, giving right hands, turn partner one and a quarter times.

31 – 32 All four couples, in promenade hold, dance on one place anti-clockwise.

Repeat in strathspey time from new positions, finishing opposite original places. Repeat twice more in reel time and finish in original places.

Devised by Chris Ronald, New York Branch.

The title of the dance refers to the clan of which the Ronald family is a sept.

Video: On The Quarter-Deck

On The Quarter-Deck
Scottish Country Dances from THE HARBOUR CITY.
A 32 bar hornpipe for 2 couples in a 4 couple longwise set.

1 – 4 1st couple set once and cross over giving right hands.

5 – 8 1st couple set once and turn with right hands just over halfway round.

9 – 12 1st couple and 2nd man dance right hands across once round.

13 – 16 1st couple and 2nd woman dance left hands across once round.

17 – 20 1st woman, followed by her partner, dances down the middle for two steps, both turn right about and 1st man, followed by his partner, dances back up the middle.

21 – 24 1st man casts down behind 2nd woman and crosses over into 2nd man’s place while 1st woman dances up the middle and casts down behind 2nd woman to finish in 2nd woman’s place. 2nd couple move up on bars 23 and 24.

25 – 32 2nd and 1st couples dance right and left.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

“On the Quarter-deck” was devised by Iain Boyd.

Video: The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights
TAC Silver Anniversary
3 x 32 Bar Strathspey

1 – 4 1st Man and 2nd Lady set to each other advancing, then turn each other with both hands (3/4 turn) to finish back to back in the centre, Man facing down, Lady facing up (they release hands and pivot right about on Bar 4 – i.e. Bob Campbell’s “Birl” from Frae A’ The Airts) Meanwhile: 2nd Man and 1st Lady dance around anticlockwise to finish facing their partner in a line up & down in the centre of the dance

5 – 8 2nd and 1st couples set to partners and turn with both hands to finish on own side of the dance, 1st couple now in 2nd place, 2nd couple in 1st place

9 – 16 1st couple repeat Bars 1 – 8 with 3rd couple. On bars 15 and 16 they turn with both hands finishing in position ready for Allemande. On bar 16, 2nd couple (at top) dance in to position for Allemande.

17 – 24 2nd, 3rd and 1st couples dance Allemande

25 – 28 1st and 2nd couples (top and bottom) dance Half Rights and Lefts; WHILE the 3rd couple (in 2nd place) set and cross over giving Right hands

29 – 32 All 3 couples set and cross to own sides giving Right hand to partner

Repeat with new top couple

Dedicated to the Ladies of Prince George, B.C.
Devised by Chas. F. Dobie of Carisbrooke S.C.D.C.

NOTE: The following note appears in the back of Glasgow Assembly and other Scottish Country Dances by Bob Campbell (Fifth Printing, 1990):

This progression, first used in Campsie Glen, also appears in The Northern Meeting and Frae A’ The Airts and was
originally known as the Birl. As birling, in its strict sense, does not occur in our dancing the term Bourrel has been substituted.”

Video: The Reel of the Royal Scots

The Reel of the Royal Scots
Leaflet – No.7

Fig – Bar 16

1 – 2 1st and 2nd women turn with the left hand, while 1st and 2nd men turn with the right hand, 1st couple finishing back to back in the centre of the set in second place.

3 – 4 2nd, 1st and 3rd couples set as in double triangles.

5 – 6 1st and 3rd women turn with the right hand, while 1st and 3rd men turn with the left hand to change places.

7 – 8 2nd, 3rd and 1st couples set as in double triangles.

9 – 16 1st couple followed by 3rd couple, dance up between the 2nd couple and cast off, then dance down to third place and cast up to second place, 3rd couple finishing in original places. (1st and 3rd couples join nearer hands with partner on every occasion when dancing up or down in the centre). (Fig.).

17 – 24 1st couple turn first corners with right hands.
1st couple pass each other by the right shoulder.
1st couple turn second corners with right hands.
1st couple passing right shoulders cross to second place on own sides.

25 – 32 2nd, 1st and 3rd couples six hands round and back.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Roy Goldring to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) in 1983.

17-24 Corners dance for 4 bars.