Dances for November 20, 2023

Video: The Elusive Muse

The Elusive Muse
OR, Easily Led
32 bar jig for a 3 couple set by Tim Wilson, March 5, 2003

1 – 4 1st woman dances around her partner giving right shoulder to finish in the center of the dance, beckoning him to follow.

5 – 8 1st woman, followed closely by 1st man, dances a half reel of three across the dance with 2nd couple, giving left shoulder to 2nd woman to begin. 1st couple finish ready to dance down, woman on man’s right. 2nd couple finish in first place.

9 – 16 1st couple dance down the middle for 4 bars with nearer hands joined, on bars 13-14 1st woman dances under their raised arms and in front of her partner (as he dances below her) to switch places and face up, on bars 15-16 they dance up to third place to face 3rd woman.

17 – 20 1st woman, followed closely by 1st man, dances a half reel of three across the dance with 3rd couple, giving right shoulder to 3rd woman to begin.

21 – 24 1st couple dance up with nearer hands and cast off around 2nd couple to finish in second place on opposite side.

25 – 32 2nd, 1st and 3rd couples set and link for three couples twice, as in bars 25-32 of Gang the Same Gate (RSCDS Bk. 36).

Ends 312 ready for a new couple to begin.

Music: “Calliope House” by David Richardson
Note: For Bruce Herbold on the occasion of his 50th birthday. A wonderful teacher, fellow dance devisor, and fish biologist, I had intended to surprise him with a dance on his 49th birthday but the muse was too elusive. This time she stayed just long enough. This dance pays homage to two of his fishy favourites: The Duran Ranger and The Salmonfield Poacher. “Easily Led” is a reference to one of his favourite teaching exercises which is to brief either the women or the men and have them lead their partners through a dance with non-verbal cues.

Copyright © 2003 by Tim Wilson. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for verbatim reproduction and non-profit distribution of this leaflet provided that this notice remains intact.

Video: The Montgomeries’ Rant

The Montgomeries’ Rant
RSCDS Book 10 – No. 1
32-bar reel for three couples in a four-couple longwise set

1 – 8 1st couple, giving right hands, cross over and cast off one place on opposite sides. 1st couple, giving left hands, cross over and 1st woman casts up one place while 1st man casts off one place. 1st woman finishes between 2nd couple facing 2nd man with 1st man between 3rd couple facing 3rd woman. 2nd couple step up on bars 3-4.

9 – 16 1st woman with 2nd couple and 1st man with 3rd couple dance reels of three across the set. 1st woman and 2nd man and 1st man and 3rd woman pass by the right to begin. On bar 16, 1st couple, with nearer hands joined, face 2nd woman.

17 – 24 1st couple set to 2nd woman. 1st couple turn towards each other and change hands to face 3rd man and set. 1st couple move round to face 3rd woman and set. 1st couple turn towards each other and change hands to face 2nd man and set. 1st couple finish facing second corners.

25 – 30 2nd, 1st and 3rd couples dance reels of three on the sides. 1st couple pass second corners by the right to begin.

31 – 32 1st couple, giving right hands, cross to second place on own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

The Register of Dances at Castle Menzies, 1749.
Original tune: Lord Eglintoune (John Riddell, c. 1766) but usually danced to Lady Montgomerie (Lord Eglintoune, 1796).

17-24 1st woman is on her partner’s left to begin &, on bar 24, turns L about, with assistance from her partner, to face her second corner.