Dances for June 26, 2024

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a 32-bar strathspey for 3 couples in a 3-couple set

1 – 8 First and second couples set and rotate.

9 – 10 All three couples turn partners with the right hand three-quarters of the way round into a line up and down the middle of the set, women facing down, men facing up.
11 – 16 All dance a half reel of six. (As in a reel of four, on odd bars, all pass right shoulders. On even bars, dancers at the ends of the reel dance a small loop while the others pass the dancer they face by left shoulders. After 6 bars, all will be facing their partners.)

17 – 18 All three couples turn partners with the right hand three-quarters of the way round to finish on own sides ready to flow into…

19 – 24 All dance six hands once round to the left. Order is now 3,1,2.

25 – 28 First couple (in second place), followed by second couple, dance up between the standing third couple at the top and cast off to finish in the order 3,2,1. (First and second couples dance straight down behind the lines and turn into place together on bar 28.)

29 – 32 Second couple, followed by third couple, dance down between first couple, (now at the bottom), and cast up to finish the dance in order 2, 3, 1. (The pattern is continuous for 2nd couple who turn in on bar 28 and dance down immediately, followed by 3rd couple. As in the previous four bars, the dancers casting up dance in a straight line and turn in together on bar 32.)

Suggested music: October in Rechberg, Muriel Johnstone, Dancing on Air

This dance was written to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ardbrae – the half reel of six and the circle represent 60. The first classes in 1964 were held at Ridgemont High School. Hence, the Scottish group name, Ardbrae – high or top (ard) hill (brae).
The pattern of the last 8 bars appears in the dance, Seagreen, by John Drewry.

Devised by Barbara Anglin

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Madge Wildfire’s Reel
RSCDS Sir Walter Scott, The Heart of Midlothian

The Dance – 1820 and 2021
32-bar reel for three couples in a four-couple set

1820 Instructions

1st & 2d Cu: hands across, back again,
down the middle, up again,
set cross corners & turn

2021 Reconstruction

1 – 8 1st and 2nd couples dance right hands across and left hands back.

9 – 16 1st couple dance down the middle, and up again to second place. (2nd couple step up on bars 11 and 12)

17 – 20 1st couple set to first corners, then set to second corners.

21 – 24 Giving right hands,1st couple turn one and a half times.

25 – 32 1st couple dance reels of three on the opposite side, passing first corner right shoulder to begin. All dance the full 8 bars. 1st couple dance to 2nd place own sides on the final bar, 1st man crossing down from the top and 1st woman crossing up from the bottom.

Repeat having passed a couple.


  1. In this dance we have the instruction ‘set cross corners & turn’ while in two of the other dances in the leaflet it is simply ‘set cross corners’.
  2. There is no evidence of 6-bar reels from the early 19th century. Starting the reels passing first corner by the right allows all three couples to dance for the full 8 bars.

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Ann’s Recess Time
32 bar jig for three couples in a four-couple longwise set
1-81st couple half figure eight around 2nd couple, cross giving RIGHT hands and
cast off one place as 2nd couple steps up.
9-161st couple half figure eight around 3rd couple, cross giving LEFT hands and cast
left, man down to finish between 3rd couple, woman up to finish between 2nd
17-241st couple petronella turn to end second place opposite, then petronella turn
again to finish facing up and down, giving RIGHT hands, change places and
chase clockwise to own side second place.
2nd and 3rd couples set and rotate.
25-323rd, 1st and 2nd couples circle six hands round halfway, giving RIGHT hands,
cross with partner, and set.
Repeat having passed a couple.

NOTE: In Bars 21-22, all three couples are changing places with partner, giving right
hands, up and down the set before the chase.

Deviser: Gary Thomas, 2014

Music: “Ann’s Jig” by Ron Wallace, 2014
Devised for Ann Glenn to celebrate her 2014 retirement from years of service as a schoolteacher.

© Gary Thomas and Ron Wallace

Video: The Black-Haired Lassie

The Black-Haired Lassie
Let’s All Dance, Too
32/R or S/3
by Carolyn Hunt (1993)
San Francisco Branch

1 – 8 1st, 2nd and 3rd couples dance mirror reels of three on the sides. To begin, 1st couple dance in and down, 2nd couple dance out and up, and 3rd couple dance in and up.

9 – 12 1st couple cross over with right hands and cast off one place. 2nd couple step up on bars 3-4 of the phrase.

13 – 16 1st couple dance a half figure of eight crossing up between 2nd couple to begin.

17 – 20 1st couple turn 1st corners with right hands, then pass partners with right shoulders to approach 2nd corners. Corners use all four steps.

21 – 24 1st couple turn 2nd corners with right hands, then pass partners with right shoulders to own sides of the dance in 2nd place. Corners use all four steps.

25 – 32 2nd, 1st and 3rd couples circle 6 hands round and back.

Repeat from new places.

Music: Any good reel or strathspey

Note: As a new 1st couple begins at the top, 3rd couple dance up into the reel from 4th place and the former 1st couple step to the bottom.

The black-haired lassie is Julie Osborne, who was in the Stockton beginners’ class. (CH)