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Dances for September 28, 2015

The Flower of Glasgow
RSCDS Book 46
32-bar strathspey for three couples in a three-couple longwise set

1–6        1st woman, followed by her partner, casts off two places, crosses over below 3rd couple and casts up while her partner dances up the middle of the set. 1st couple finish in second place on opposite sides. 2nd couple dance up on the side lines to first place on bars 5-6.

7–8        2nd, 1st and 3rd couples set advancing to finish in the middle in promenade hold, 2nd and 3rd couples facing up and 1st couple facing down.

9–16    2nd, 1st and 3rd couples dance a circulating allemande: 2nd and 3rd couples dance as first and third couples of a standard allemande to finish in third and first places on own sides. At the same time, 1st couple, from second place, dance an allemande but dance out to the men’s side and down to begin. Finish in the order 3, 1, 2 with 1st couple on opposite sides.

17–20    1st woman dances a half figure of eight round 3rd couple and 1st man dances a half figure of eight round 2nd couple.

21–24    3rd, 1st and 2nd couples, giving both hands, turn partners once round.

25–32    1st and 2nd couples dance a poussette right round.

Devised by Ruth Taylor, Kingston (Ontario) Branch.
Note: the ‘circulating allemande’ in bars 9-16 was devised by Terry Glasspool.
For Kay Munn, who is originally from Glasgow, to celebrate a special birthday.
Notes compiled by teachers, Summer School, St Andrews 2010
9-16    Effectively two three-couple allemandes, one going up with a ‘phantom’ 2nd couple, the other going down     with ‘phantom’ 1st and 3rd couples.
17-20    3rd couple are in first place and 2nd couple in third place.
7-8       Hands joined to advance.

The Griffin’s Flight
A 32 bar jig for three couples

1-8    1st, 2nd and 3rd couples dance a reel of three on their own sidesof the dance, 1st couple befin by dancing in and down, second couple out and up, and third couple in and up. Take nearer hands whenever possible.

9-16    1st couple, followed by second couple (who dance up to the top), dance down between 3rd couple, cast up around them, meet above 3rd couple, danc eup to the top and cast into 2nd place. 2Nd couple turn into place at the top. Both couples take nearer hands whenever possible.

17-24    1st couple turn 1st corners with the right hand, pass each other by right shoulders, and turn 2nd corners with the right hand. They dance around each other, passing right shouldersm to end 1st woman facing down and 1st man facing up.

25-28    1st woman dances left hands across with the 3rd couple while 1st mand dances left hands across with 2nd couple.

29-32    1st woman dances right hands across with the second couple while 1st man dances right hands across with the 3d couple.

Suggested music: “High Lodge” on Muriel Johnstone’s Dancing Fingers 2

Devised by Claudette Sigg in December 1995 for Boll Griffiths

Bratach Bana
32R 3C (4C Set)
J. Drewry, Bon Accord Book

1-4    1st couple turn by the right hand and cast off to second place on own sides. (2nd couple move up on Bars 3 – 4)
5–8    1st man dances down between 3rd couple and then casts up to second place on the ladies’ side. 1st lady dances up between 2nd couple and then casts off to second place on the men’s side.
9-12    Half reels of three on the sides. 1st man gives right shoulder to 2nd lady, while 1st lady gives right shoulder to 3rd man.
13–16    Half reels of three across the dance. 1st man cuts up between 3rd couple who are in top place, giving left shoulder to 3rd man. 1st lady cuts down between 2nd couple who are in 3rd place, giving left shoulder to 2nd lady. NOTE: The 2nd and 3rd couples dance round loops on the corners between the half reels. (1st couple are now in second place on own sides, 2nd couple are in third place on wrong sides, and 3rd couple are in top place on wrong sides).
17–18    1st couple turn each other with the left hand.
19–20    1st couple turn first corners (who are on the wrong sides) by the right hand.
21–22    1st  couple pass each other by the right shoulder to face second corners.
23–24    1st couple turn second corners by the right hand and finish on own sides in second place retaining hold of second corners by the right hand and giving them left hands also in promenade hold.
25–26    1st couple lead their second corners diagonally across the dance, 1st man and 2nd lady passing above 1st lady and 3rd man.
27- 28    Dropping left hands, 1st couple turn their second corners half-way round by the right hand, so that 1st couple finish in second place on wrong sides while their corners are in their proper places i.e. 2nd lady is in top place, and 3rd man in third place on own sides.**
29-30    1st man and 3rd lady change places giving right hands. 1st lady and 2nd man change places similarly.
31- 32    1st and 2nd men, and 1st and 3rd ladies change places on the sides giving left hands. This last four bar figure is like half rights and lefts but on the diagonal, and 2nd man and 3rd lady do “polite” turns at the end.

Friday Night Reel
Bob McMurtry – Dragonfly
32 bar reel for 3 couples

1-8    1st couple lead down the middle for three steps and back for three steps and cast off one place. 2nd couple step up on bars 7 & 8

9-16    1st and 3rd couples dance right hands across and left hands back

17-24    1st couple dance a figure of eight by dancing between 2nd couple to begin.

25-32    2nd and 1st couples dance rights and lefts.

Repeat having passed a couple

Dances for September 21, 2015

First full class of the season. You can view the schedule for the class at the class schedule on my blog site. I will be updating it as programs are developed.

For the first few classes we will be focusing on dances for the Ottawa Branch 50th Anniversary dance. I have made some unofficial cribs for the program and posted then to my blog.

West’s Hornpipe
32R 4C (4C Set)

1–8        First woman dances a reel of three with second and third men finishing in her partner’s place while first man does same with second and third women.

9–16    First, second and third couples dance reels of three on own sides.

17–24    First couple lead down the middle and up again, turning inwards on last step to face second couple diagonally.

25–28    First couple set to second couple and, joining nearer hands, dance down to foot of the set and turn inwards. Second, third and fourth couples move up.

29–32    First and fourth couples dance four hands round.

Repeat with new couple.

Ladies’ Pocket Book 1797
Tune:  Robertson’s Hornpipe.

RSCDS Book XXXIII – No. 7 

1–8        1st and 2nd women, and at the same time 1st and 2nd men, turn once round with both hands,opening out on the side lines and continuing into four hands round to the left and then 1st and 2nd couples turn partners once round to finish in the middle of the set, ready for promenade. On bar 8, 3rd couple dance in and take promenade hold.

9–16    1st, 2nd and 3rd couples promenade. On bars 15 – 16, 1st couple cast off to second place, while 2nd couple dance up to first place and 3rd couple return to original place.

17–20    1st and 3rd couples dance right hands across, finishing on the sidelines.

21–24    1st and 2nd couples dance left hands across, 1st couple finishing in second place facing down.

25–32    2nd, 1st and 3rd couples dance reels of three on the sides. 1st couple begin the reels by giving right shoulder to 3rd couple, and at the end they face down ready to repeat the dance.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Betty Grant, Toronto, Ontario, 1984, in memory of her great, great grandmother Elizabeth Turnbull Dickson who left her home, Bedrule, near Jedburgh, in 1834 to emigrate to Canada.

The Manual of Scottish Country Dancing:
Bar 20    1st woman dances into second place on her own side pulling her right shoulder back, to prepare for left hands across.
Bar 24    1st woman dances straight out to second place on her own side, to give right shoulder to 3rd woman as she enters the reels of three.
1-8    1st & 2nd cpls stay in the middle at end of bar 6, & flow into the 2H turns.
17-20    On bar 20, 1st woman turns R about into sidelines & faces up ready for LH across.
21-24    On bar 24, 1st woman dances into 2nd place, facing down, to enter reel with 3rd woman.
25-32    1st cpl finish facing down, 3rd cpl facing up, ready for bar 1 of repetition.