Dances for August 3, 2017

Video: Lady Mary Menzies’ Reel

Lady Mary Menzies’ Reel
RSCDS Book 7 – No. 5
32-bar reel for three couples in a four-couple longwise set

1 – 8 1st and 2nd couples dance right hands across for three steps and left
hands back. 1st couple cast off one place on own sides and 2nd couple dance up to first place.

9 – 12 1st couple lead up the middle to finish back to back between 2nd couple, 1st man facing 2nd woman and 1st woman facing 2nd man. 1st and 2nd couples set.

13 – 16 1st couple lead down the middle to finish back to back between 3rd couple, 1st man facing 3rd woman and 1st woman facing 3rd man.
1st and 3rd couples set.

17 – 20 1st couple turn first corners with the right hand 1st man finishing between 3rd couple facing up and 1st woman between 2nd couple facing down.
1st couple set and advance toward second corners.

21 – 24 1st couple turn second corners with the right hand finishing between corners. 1st couple set to each other.

25 – 30 2nd, 1st and 3rd couples dance reels of three on the sides. 1st couple pass first corners by the left to begin.

31 – 32 1st couple, giving right hands, cross over to second place on own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

The Register of Dances at Castle Menzies, 1749.
Original tune: Lady Mary Menzies’ Reel (Bremner, 1761)
13-16 Nearer hand lead. 1st woman, maintaining eye contact with 3rd man, finishes first setting step facing up towards 2nd man & uses the second setting step to advance towards him a little. 1st man moves slightly up on second setting step.
19-20 Set to partner while advancing to face 2nd corner.




New Dance – Yet to be named
32 bar strathspey for 2 couples in a four couple set
Craig Williams, July 2017


1 – 2 1st couple turn RH to finish between 2nd couple, 1st man facing 2nd man, 1st woman facing 2nd woman.
3 – 4 1st couple set to 2nd couple
5 – 8 1st couple dance right shoulder 2nd couple and pass each other left shoulder to finish 1st man facing 2nd woman, 1st woman facing 2nd man

9 – 16 1st & 2nd couple Reel of four.

17 – 20 Set with Glasgow Highlanders setting step.
21 – 24 1st and 2nd couple pull back right shoulder and cast into right hands across. Finish 1st couple facing each other up and down the set

25 – 28 1st couple turn 3/4 with the right hand to finish facing up. Dance up, crossing over and cast off into 2nd place

29 – 32 2nd & 1st couple turn once round with the right hand