Dances for June 21, 2018


The Jig Is Up
By David Newitt
32 bar jig for three couples in a four-couple longwise set
Tune: The Jig Is Up by Patti Cobb

1 – 8 1st and 2nd couples dance right hands across: 1st couple cross down to second place while the 2nd couple cast up to 1st place. and taking hands on the sides all three couples set to partners.

9 – 16 Rights and lefts for 3 in 8 bars: 2nd, 1st, and 3rd couples dance the first three changes of Rights and Lefts for Three Couple: only all face to the right after the third change. then 1st couple (now on the second corner diagonal) turn by the left hand halfway while 2nd and 3rd couples chase clockwise one position (2nd woman chasing 2nd man to 3rd place, 3rd man chasing 3rd woman to 2nd place), to flow into…

17 – 20 Right hands across, 1st man down with 2nd couple, 1st woman up with 3rd couple. All finish on their own sidelines,

21 – 24 All turn partner by the right. 1st couple turning 1 1/4 times to flow into…

25 – 28 Left hands across. 1st woman down with 2nd couple, 1st man up with 3rd couple. Keep the left hands until 1st couple pass right shoulders in the middle.

29 – 32 “Snake pass”: 1st woman followed by 2nd woman and 2nd man. and 1st man followed by 3rd man and 3rd woman, pass by the right and chase around to the right to all finish in progressed places.

Repeat from progressed places.

Challenged by David Newitt to write something other than ”another beautiful waltz tune”. Patti wrote The Jig Is Up, with a nod to David’s tune, Changing lights.

The name Changing Lights arose from a story only the composer seems to find very amusing:

Friend was driving through San Francisco with her boyfriend. Stopped at a red light, she had to look away from the road, so asked, “Tell me if the light changes”.
After a moment’s thought he replied, “Yes, the light changes”. Said she. “Grrr”.
Light turned green and they proceeded to the next light, which turned yellow, then red.
Said he (in voice of wonder), “Wow – this one changes too!”


Scottish Ramble
Book 5 – No. 7
32-bar strathspey for three couples in a four-couple longwise set

Bars Description

1 – 8 1st couple cast Off two places, meet below 3rd couple, lead up the middle, cross and cast off to second place on opposite sides. 2nd couple step up on bars 7-8.

9 – 12 1st and 3rd couples dance four hands once round to the left.

13 – 16 1st and 2nd couples dance rights and lefts, one step for each hand. 1st man omits the polite turn and 1st couple finish facing first corners.

17 – 24 1stcouple set to and turn corners to finish between them facing first corners.

25 – 30 2nd, 1st and 3rd couples dance reels of three on the sides. 1st couple pass first corners by the left to begin.

31 – 32 1stcouple, giving right hands, cross over to second place on own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.
Caledonian Country Dances, c. 1754.
Original tune: Scottish Ramble (Caledonian Country Dances)

Scotland’s Gardens
Roy Goldring
32 bar reel for 3 couple

1 – 8 1st, 2nd and 3rd couples dance reels of three on own sides. To begin, 1st and 2nd couples pass right shoulders.

9 – 12 1st and 2nd women (also 1st and 2nd men) turn 1 1/2 times with right hands. 1st man finishes facing out.
13 – 16 1st man, followed by his partner, casts up round 2nd man. 1st man dances down the middle to finish between the 3rd couple. 1st woman finishes between the 2nd couple. All face down.

17 – 24 All dance down the middle, turn right about and dance up. On bar 24 the 1st woman and 2nd couple turn right about to face down.

25 – 26 All set.
27 – 28 2nd and 3rd couples set as 1st couple dance a petronella turn to 2nd place on opposite side.
29 – 30 All set.
31 – 32 1st couple, giving right hands, cross to 2nd place on own side.

Repeat having passed a couple.

Note: At the end of the first turn, 1st woman finishes facing out ready to begin the reel of three. After crossing over, 1st man should pull his right shoulder back to face down ready for the reel.

To mark the Diamond Jubilee of Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, 1931 — 1991.
Tune: Joe Murphy ’s Reel (Donald Ridley) 1991

Scotland’s Gardens: The Scotland’s Gardens Scheme was founded in 1931 to support the Queen’s Nurses Benevolent Fund by opening mainly private gardens to the public on one of more days each year. In 1952 the Gardens Fund of the National Trust for Scotland became a co-beneficiary and a unique feature of the Scheme is that Owners may now select any Registered Charity of their choice to which 40% of the days takings may be allocated. This enables the Scheme to support over 150 further charities each year. The gardens that open for SGS include Scotland’s finest, are mostly privately owned and are normally inaccessible to the public at other times.

Full details of the Openings are listed in the handbook, ‘Gardens of Scotland, available from the address below from the beginning of December each year.

Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, 42a Castle Street, Edinburgh. EH2 ZBN. Scotland.

Tel: 0131 226 3714, E-mail: