Dances for July 12, 2018


Excited States
By Kristi Closser
32-bar reel for three couples in a four-couple longwise set
Tune: Unnamed Stallion by lames MacQueen

1 – 8 1st couple with near hands joined dance down the middle and up, while 3rd couple dance up the middle and down. The couple dancing up the set form an arch (first 3rd couple, then 1st couple). 1st couple end inside the set lines, facing down, near hands joined and 3rd couple end facing up near hands joined.

9 – 16 1st and 3rd couples Petronella in tandem while 2nd couple Petronella. 1st couple end on the men’s side. 3rd couple on the women’s side. 2nd woman in the middle facing down and 2nd man in the middle facing up (bars 9-10). All set (bars 11-12). Repeat bars 9-12. finishing on opposite sides. 3, 2, 1.

17 – 24 3rd couple cross down to third place without giving hands as 1st couple dance up outside of the set to first place, and 2nd couple set (bars 17-18). 1st and 2nd couples dance three-quarters of a double figure of eight: 1st couple cross down to second place without giving hands. while 2nd couple dance up to first place. 1st couple cast up and cross down ending in second place on opposite sides, while 2nd couple cross down and cast up to end in first place on their own sides.

25 – 32 1st couple set twice and turn by the right hand one and a half times while 2nd and 3rd couples turn by the right hand once round and set twice.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

This dance is dedicated to the dancers in the San Francisco Bay Area who are still eager to dance Petronella after dancing for a full evening. Upon request, the musicians are often happy to play it after the final waltz, and commonly two or more sets spontaneously form and dance it eight times through with mostly-controlled abandon. The title refers to the arrangement of electrons that occurs after energy is added to an atom or molecule. Such excited states are often unstable until they release the energy and return to the ground state.

Copyright 2015 by Kristi Closser. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for verbatim reproduction and nonprofit d1stribution of this leaflet provided that this notice remains intact.


Video: The Threesome Reel

The Threesome Reel
RSCDS Book 6
Medley of 48-bar strathspey and 48-bar reel for three dancers

The dancers comprise a man between two women with nearer hands joined. The man may hold the corner of a handkerchief in each hand, the opposite corners of which are held by the women. Alternatively, ribbons can be used.

1 – 8 With eight strathspey traveling steps, the women dance round the man in opposite directions, the woman on his left keeping to the outside and the women on his right keeping to the inside and going under the arch made by the others. The man turns slowly round in the same direction as the women going under the arch, using traveling step. All finish in places.

9 – 16 All set with Highland Strathspey setting steps

17 – 48 Repeat twice with different Highland strathspey setting steps.

1 – 8 Repeat three times with Highland reel setting steps.

Collected in Perthshire and Angus

Original tunes:
Strathspey: Mrs Stewart Nicholson’s (Nathaniel Gow)
Reel: Sleepy Maggy (Bremner, 1757)



Spice It Up
32 bar jig for three couples in a three-couple longwise set

1 – 8 1st couple lead down middle and up. Stay in centre as 2nd and 3rd couples step in for…

9 – 16 1st, 2nd and 3rd couples dance an Allemande. (Finish 3,2, 1)

17 – 20 3rd and 2nd couples (two top couples) set and link. (Finish 2, 3,1)

21 – 24 3rd and 1st couples (two bottom couples) set and link. (Finish 2, 1, 3)

25 – 28 All three couples set and cross, giving right hands.

29 – 32 All three couples chase clockwise to own side. (Finish 3,1, 2)

Repeat from new positions.

Note: This dance also works well as a three couple dance in a four—couple set. The progression is unusual: 3, 1, 2, 4.

Devised by Merrill Heubach

Previously published in Eight by 32. Reprinted with permission from Merrill Heubach,
RSCDS Nova Scotia Branch