Dances for February 26, 2018


Video: MacLeod’s Fancy

MacLeod’s Fancy

1–2 1st and 4th couples set facing diagonally inwards.

3–8 1st man and 4th woman turn with the right hand three-quarters round; 1st man dances through 4th man’s place and casts up to his original place, while 4th woman dances through 1st woman’s place and casts off to her original place. Meanwhile, 1st woman casts off to 4th woman’s place, and 4th man casts up to 1st man’s place; they turn with the right hand three-quarters round to return to their original places where they stay facing out.

9–16 All dance reels of four on own sides and finish as though going to repeat the reels.

17–18 1st and 2nd men, 1st and 2nd women, 3rd and 4th men, and 3rd and 4th women, turn with the right hand half-way round to bring 1st and 4th couples into the middle of the set where they give left hands across and retain hold of the 2nd and 3rd couples with the right hand to form a St. Andrew’s Cross.

19–20 All set in the “Cross” formation.

21–24 1st and 2nd men, 1st and 2nd women, 3rd and 4th men, and 3rd and 4th women turn with the right hand once round, releasing hands at the end of bar 23 so that 1st couple can dance down to third place and 4th couple can dance up to second place. (1st man and 4th woman make polite turn.) The order is now 2, 4, 1, 3.

25–26 1st and 4th couples, joining nearer hands on the sides, set to partners.

27–28 1st and 4th couples cross over to opposite sides – the women retaining hold of nearer hands and dancing between their partners. On reaching opposite sides, the women turn away from each other, while the men turn toward each other.

29–32 4th couple, joining right hands, lead up between 2nd couple crossing over to own sides and cast off to second place, while 1st couple joining left hands, lead down between 3rd couple crossing over to own sides and cast up to third place.

Repeat from new places.

Devised by John Drewry. Inscribed to Duncan MacLeod of Glasgow.
21–24 All dance for 4 bars.



Video: Petronella

Video: Petronella

RSCDS Book 1 – No. 1
32-bar reel for two couples in a four-couple longwise set

1–2 1st couple dance a petronella turn, i.e. they dance a three-quarters turn, moving diagonally to their right into the middle of the set and pull back right shoulders to face partner.

3–4 1st couple set to each other.

5–16 1st couple repeat bars 1– 4 always moving to the right until they are back in original positions.

17–24 1st couple lead down the middle and up to finish facing each other in the middle of the set with both hands joined. 2nd couple step in.

25–32 1st and 2nd couples dance a poussette.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Introduced at Nathaniel Gow’s Annual Ball in Edinburgh, 1820.
J P Boulogne: The Ball-Room or the Juvenile Pupil’s Assistant, Glasgow 1827.

Original tine: Petronella (Traditional)