Dances for November 19, 2018


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Snow on the Mountain
32-bar jig for 3 couples in a 4-couple longwise set

1-4 1st couple giving right hands, cross over and cast to second place (2nd couple stepping up on
bars 3-4).
5-8 1st couple dance half a figure of eight, 1st woman up around 2nd woman, 1st man down around
3rd man, turning right about at the end to finish back-to-back in the middle of the set facing out
own side.

9-16 Petronella double triangles:
1st couple dance as regular double triangles, but on bars 15-16, they swivel to their right to
finish 1st woman facing up, 1st man facing down.
2nd and 3rd couples dance as follows:
1-2 Set as in double triangles
3-4 Petronella turn moving one place counter clockwise / to their right around the rectangle
(2nd man to 3rd man’s place, 3rd man to 3rd woman’s place, etc.)
5-8 Repeat bars 1-4 to finish in the diagonally opposite position.

17-20 1st woman with top couple (3rd couple), and 1st man with bottom couple (2nd couple), dance
right hands across once round in four bars, 3rd man and 2nd woman finish facing out.
21-24 3rd man, followed by 3rd woman and 1st woman, and 2nd woman, followed by 2nd man and
1st man, chase clockwise half way around the set and continuing to move in a clockwise
direction, flow directly into

25-32 2nd couple, 1st couple, and 3rd couple dance six hands round and back.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Music: “​ Return to Eilean Dubh​ ,” by Sherry W. Ladig. Suggested alternate is “Miss Grace Hey’s Delight”
or other jigs with a 16-bar B part.

Devised 2003 by Lara Friedman-Shedlov for Audrey McClellan’s novel “The White Rose of Scotland,” the
second in her trio of romance novels about life on the fictional island of Eilean Dubh.
I believe the original deviser of the formation “petronella double triangles” was John Bowie Dickson, in
the dance “Pinewoods Reel.”

Video: Balmoral Strathspey

Balmoral Strathspey
Book 22 – No. 3

1 – 8 First couple with second, and third couple with fourth, dance right and left.

9 – 12 First couple with second, and third couple with fourth, set and dance right hands across half way round.

13 – 16 All set, and, giving right hands in passing, cross to own sides. (The order is now 2, 1, 4, 3.)

17 – 24 Reels of four at the sides, second couple facing first, and fourth couple facing third. (Fig. 1.)

25 – 32 First, fourth and third couples allemande to finish, first couple at bottom, fourth couple in third, and third couple in second place. (Fig. 2.)

Repeat, with a new couple leading.

Devised by John A. Charles, Kawerau, New Zealand.

The Manual of Scottish Country Dancing:
Bars 17-24 1st, 4th and 3rd couples should complete the reel in seven steps using the eight to dance towards partner for the allemande.
17-24 1st, 4th & 3rd cpls dance reel in 7 bars &, on bar 24, dance into position for allemande.