Dances for December 3, 2018


Video: Old and Dangerous

Old and Dangerous
San Andreas Collection
32 bar strathspey for 2 couples in a 4-couple

1-4 1st & 2nd couples set, 1st woman cast down, 2nd man cast up as 1st man and 2nd woman pass LEFT shoulders to face partners on the 1st corner diagonal

5-8 1st & 2nd couples dance half reel of four

9-16 Revolving chain:

Bar 1 1st and 2nd couples turn partner with RIGHT hand half way
Bar 2 1st woman and 2nd man turn LEFT hand as 1st man and 2nd woman travel 1/8 on outside (line is up and down the set)
Bars 3-6 Repeat bars 1-2 twice more (end of bar 4 – line is on 2nd corner diagonal; end of Bar 6 – line is across the set)
Bars 7-8 Men turn with RIGHT hands ¾ to progressed positions while women do the same, 1st man and 2nd woman remain facing out

17-24 1st man cast up and 2nd woman cast down, dance back to back and set while: 1st woman & 2nd man dance back to back, then set twice advancing, passing retiring 2nd woman and 1st man respectively, then passing each other to face partner, still on the diagonal

25-32 1st & 2nd couples turn partner two hands once round (2 bars), half poussette (4 bars), and set (2 bars)

Repeat having passed a couple

Devisor: Gary Thomas, 2007
Music: “Old and Dangerous” by Gary Thomas

The dance is named after the windows in the building where we practice. There are signs that
say not to use them as they are “old and dangerous”. Sometimes we feel the same way.

No Video

THE GREENBURN BOOK, A Collection of Scottish Country Dances by JOHN DREWRY, 1997 – 1998
Jig – 2 couples – 32 bars

1–4 1st couple, joining nearer hands, dance down between 2nd couple and then cast up back to place.

5–8 1st and 2nd couples dance right hands across.

9–16 1st couple dance a figure of eight round 2nd couple’s places. At the same time, 2nd couple set to each other, cross giving right hands, set on opposite sides and cross back to own sides giving right hands. 2nd couple stay facing out.

17–20 1st couple lead down the middle and 2nd couple dance up on the sides to first place and then follow 1st couple down the middle.

21–24 2nd couple, followed by 1st couple, lead up the middle and stay in the middle ready for : –

25–32 2nd and 1st couples dance a two-couple promenade.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

devised in September 1997
for Campbell and Isobel Barclay of Kippford and for the dancers in Korea