Dances for March 11, 2019


Video: The Black Leather Jig

The Black Leather Jig
Delaware Valley Silver
32 Bar Reel for 3 Couples

1 – 8 1st couple set, turn once round by the right, cast off one place, and turn by the left three quarters to finish with 1st woman facing 3rd woman and 1st man facing 2nd man. 2nd couple step up on bars 5-6.

9 – 16 1st couple dance reels of three across the dance, giving left shoulder to the dancer they face. At the end of the reels, 1st couple turn quickly by the left hand to finish 1st woman facing 2nd man and 1st man facing 3rd woman. Supporting couples dance wide, slow reels across the dance, finishing in original places.

17 – 24 1st couple repeat the same left shoulder reels across the dance as in bars 9-16, 1st woman dancing with the 2nd couple and 1st man dancing with the 3rd couple. At the end of the reels, 1st couple pass right shoulders to finish facing first corners. Supporting couples dance continuously from the first reel to the second.

25 – 32 1st couple dance Hello-Goodbye setting with turns:

25-26 1st couple set to first corners, pulling right shoulder back to finish on opposite sides in second place.
27-28 1st couple turn by the right three quarters to face second corners.
29-32 Repeat bars 25-28 with second corners, finishing on own sides in second place.

Repeat having passed a couple.
Devised by Geoffrey Selling of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Inscribed to Heather Petit and Will Hurd on the announcement of their engagement, December 14, 1991. The title, which puns on the name White Heather Jig, refers to the black leather kilts, jackets and boots which Heather and Will are known to wear to Scottish dance events. Though called a jig, the dance is intended to be a reel.

Suggested Music: “Sleepy Maggie,” from RSCDS Bk. 11 recording, by Alastair Hunter and the Lorne Scottish Dance Band

Video: The Scallywag

Video: The Scallywag

The Scallywag
RSCDS Book 51
40-bar jig for three couples in a four-couple longwise set

1 – 4 1st couple dance in towards each other almost to touch shoulders and cast off one place. 2nd couple step up on bars 3 – 4.

5 – 8 1st couple, giving left hands, turn one and a quarter times to face first corners.

9 – 12 1st couple set to first corners and, giving right hands, turn to finish 1st woman facing 2nd woman and 1st man facing 3rd man.

13 – 16 All dance half reels of three across the set, passing left shoulders to begin and finishing in lines of three facing up and down the set.

17 – 20 Taking hands, all advance and retire.

21 – 24 1st couple dance round each other by the right shoulder to finish facing third corners (second corner person in partner’s first corner position).

25 – 32 Repeat bars 9 – 16 from new positions. 2nd and 3rd couples finish the half reels of three on own sides facing in, while 1st couple finish facing each other up and down the set.

33 – 34 1st couple set advancing and take right hands.

35 – 36 1st woman turns under her partner’s right arm while setting (pulling back her right shoulder) as 1st man sets moving slightly towards the women’s side. They finish side by side in the middle of the set, facing up, 1st woman on her partner’s left, retaining right hands.

37 – 40 1st couple lead up, cross over above 2nd couple, and cast off to second place on own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

On the last two bars of the second time through, 1st coup1e cast to the bottom of the set.

Devised by Jennifer P Kelly, RSCDS San Francisco Branch, February 1997.

An appropriately flirtatious dance devised to honour Mikkel Thompson on reaching his half century.